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Devious Journal Entry [Mar. 20th, 2010|12:43 am]

Meet Me Halfway
by ~brytewolf on deviantARTYour story is awesome..Thanks, C
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Looking for a Spock/Kirk Fic (arent we all :) [Mar. 19th, 2010|10:59 am]

Any help would be appreciated..I read a Pon Farr Fic a month or so back..I loved it and for the life of me I cant remember the title.

Spock and Jim are in an a relationship, Spock is offship working elsewhere for around 6 months.  Then Jim gets sent to the same place for
whatever reason I cant remember, Spocks senses he is near and takes off running after him..

Guys thats the best I can do on my description,  I hope this is enough for someone to figure this out...

Thanks, C

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